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Version 3

  1. Raised the bar

One Quarter

Half Way

Three Quarters.

The End.

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Steve Parish Original Affirmations V3


How good

How often do you: smell before you see, see before you taste, taste before you know, how good it's going to be?

2 Lonely

You don't become lonely, it is your choice.


Raised the bar

I conquered, then I saw where I came from and raised the bar again.



Break routines, don't wait, try walking, running or jumping into the deep end.



Win against yourself with (PB's) personal bests. Then only you are competitor, marshal and judge.

6 Work Enjoyment

If you don't enjoy work, look for a job that provides work enjoyment.


Christmas Traditions

Do your Christmas traditions or produce enough tension for change. If not, don't complain.


Summer Sunrise


Experience a summer sunrise and add extra daylight to your life.



When people ask how is your business, be positive and say "unbelievable" Because business is never static, and you are neither complaining or boasting.

One Quarter


Do you focus your spotlight on your negatives or your positives, as either way it will attract more.


Holiday Money

Think of Monday's work as your holiday money, and the day will be ever more productive.


Monday Complaints

Instead of complaining about Monday, resign and become unemployed giving your job to someone who values it.



Crocodiles focus on one feat called POSSIBLE. People focus on one feat called IMPOSSIBLE, yet crocodiles live longer.


Weather Focus

Don't focus on the day's weather, just the start and finish of another beautiful day.


The Sun

The sun rises and sets and you were there to appreciate the time in-between.


Celebrate the Day

Whether the weather is: too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet, I just celebrate the day itself.

17 Personal Opinion

The weather is universally discussed because it's a safe topic of your personal opinion.

18 I Said

I knew it, I blew it, I said I would loose and I did.

Half Way

Waiting is a Game

Waiting is a game of turning negatives into positives, and finding the time to win.

20 Short Focus

Why do we only focus on our shortages?

21 Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility even for your mistakes, demonstrates your human dimensions.

22 Natural Solution

Learning from nature is finding a natural solution, tested by time with thousands of followers.

23 No Shortage

If we concentrate on what we have we would notice no shortage.

24 Just in Time

Does "just in time" allow for their time, my time, or my client's time?

25 Pick up the Phone

Pick up the phone and leave a voicemail message. It takes less time than an e-mail.

26 Yes

"Yes" only means you expressed yourself in a positive way.

27 Passion

Every year create a new passion in your life, but remember to dump the old ones first.


Glass Half Full

My glass is only half full, because I stopped to savour the contents.

Three Quarters



Being static is like an attic, you are often forgotten.

30 Sport

The Romans created sports to appease the masses, so are you a spectator or a player?


TV Relaxing

Do you watch television to relax, or relax and then watch television, or turn it off and totally relax?


Queuing in Life

Queuing in life demonstrates a lack of lateral thinking.

33 Eyebrows

Try talking and using your eyebrows, then just use your eyebrows and your thoughts will still be received.


Stolen Idea

Your idea was my idea, before someone else stole it.

35 E-mail Complaint

If your complaining about the number of e-mails received, you must be sending too many to the wrong locations.


Just Cruising 3

I stopped cruising through the night, then I wasn't busy. Busy cruising, but then what's so important about being busy?

The End

The above 36 Affirmations passed through Steve Parish's mind in the late night of the 23rd November 2003, while not cruising.

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