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Executive Summary

Steve Parish


Experience and Skills knowledge:


  • I have over 20 years of Perth based historical knowledge and understanding in the IT industry, having both experienced direct sales and dealer management in SMB accounts.


  • Managed Dealer accounts which included: training, motivating, increasing brand awareness, development, campaign promotion, co-ordination, consulting, goal setting, quota setting and forecasting volumes, increasing market share, negotiating, convincing, sharing, listening, empathizing, motivating, working alongside to achieve joint goals and protecting current market share.


  • While working at Total Peripherals (now called TPI), I liaised with Lexmark Perth office to negotiate a State Government installation of Laser printers and ran software training.


  • Previous printer sales and reseller history with the ability of fast take-up of new technical information. All previous roles relating to software and hardware have required concentrated sales learning of new products and services.


  • Having run my own Channel Management news service Web site for over 3 years, I keep up-to-date on different companies channel management policies and direction in the SMB marketplace, as each article has to be read before being uploaded.


23: No Shortage -  If we concentrate on what we have we would notice no shortage - Steve Parish Original Affirmations V3

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