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Channel Management in Perth

the second most isolated capital city

in the world - after Honolulu

We believed Perth was the most isolated city - as stated by other Web pages on the Net!

Bruce in Perth emailed us to suggest that the most isolated city was in fact Honolulu in Hawaii with its nearest capital city being Dalap-Uliga-Darrit or Majuro on the Atoll of Majuro in the Marshall Islands - 3,673km or 2,282 miles away. Some might say it is a collection of three communities or towns with a total population of 25,400 (2004), but it is listed as the capital city of Majuro and does have an International Airport the same as Hawaii.  The above statement has been changed to - the most isolated capital city in Australia or the second most isolated capital city in the world - thank you Bruce!  The record is now straight -11/05/05


Australia is the only country which occupies a whole continent - albeit the smallest continent on earth. It is 7,682,300 square kilometres (2,966,152 square miles) in size and is the sixth largest country of the world. Australia is situated south-east of Asia and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Arafura Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, and the Southern Ocean to the south.

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia's seasons are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere. Spring is from September to November, summer from December to February, autumn from March to May and winter from June to August.

Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia and covers nearly one-third of the entire Australian continent (2,525,500 km², 1 million square miles). Western Australia's coastline is 12,500 km (7,813 miles) long and spans 2,400 km (1,500 miles) from north to south.

Animated Gif - 52kb - The size of Western Australia compared to other countries

World map






Despite the State's size, the population is only 1,798,000 of which 1,380,000 people live in Perth.

Perth's closest capital city - surface direct distance - is Adelaide (S.A.) 2,129km or 1,323 miles. Other cities in proximity: Melbourne (Vic) is 2,719km or 1,689 miles. Jakarta in Indonesia is 3,021km or 1,877 miles. Sydney (N.S.W.) is 3,287km or 2,042 miles. Singapore is 3,906km or 2,427 miles.

The size of Western Australia compared to other countries is illustrated by the animated map to the left - if your browser lets you view it!.

Aircraft Flying Time Only -  then allow another 1 hour to transit through each city airport terminal.

Flying time from Perth to other cities
Adelaide 3 hours 10 mins
Amsterdam 17 hours 40 mins
Auckland 6 hours 40 mins
Bangkok 6 hours 40 mins
Frankfurt 16 hours 50 mins
Hong Kong 7 hours 20 mins
Jakarta 4 hours 10 mins
Johannesburg 9 hours 25 mins
Kuala Lumpur 5 hours 10 mins
London 17 hours 30 mins
Los Angeles 17 hours 30 mins
Melbourne 4 hours
San Francisco 19 hours
Singapore 4 hours 50 mins
Sydney 4 hours 50 mins
Tokyo 10 hours 25 mins
Vancouver 18 hours 40 mins
Aircraft leaving Perth airport

Plan your flying costs: http://tsa.webjet.com.au/webjettsa/home.aspx?EntryPoint=Flight

Australia is a large country

as indicated by the comparison maps below.


Australia - Europe


Australia - USA

SouthEast Asia

South America

Saudi Arabia



North America

Eastern Europe


Driving Distances


Distance Matrix (Kilometres / Miles)
1542 km
958 mi
Alice Springs
2063 km
1282 mi
3012 km
1871 mi
4288 km
2664 mi
2746 km
1706 mi
4560 km
2833 mi
3143 km
1953 mi
2324 km
1444 mi
1717 km
1067 mi
3962 km
2461 mi
3053 km
1897 mi
1511 km
934 mi
3415 km
2122 mi
1865 km
1159 mi
2727 km
1694 mi
728 km
452 mi
2270 km
1411 mi
1674 km
1040 mi
5016 km
3117 mi
3054 km
1898 mi
3781 km
2349 mi
2724 km
1693 mi
3630 km
2256 mi
4384 km
2724 mi
2250 km
1398 mi
5954 km
3700 mi
4045 km
2513 mi
3452 km
2145 mi
1420 km
882 mi
2644 km
1642 mi
996 km
619 mi
5234 km
3252 mi
2546 km
1582 mi
4000 km
2485 mi
868 km
539 mi
4144 km
2575 mi
2525 km
1569 mi
2096 km
1302 mi
1467 km
912 mi
3380 km
2100 mi
374 km
232 mi
2556 km
1588 mi
2857 km
1775 mi
5728 km
3559 mi
2494 km
1550 mi

Time Differences for Perth Western Australia - with other Australian States (in hours)

New South
     Wales  -    Sydney
Victoria -Melbourne



Time Differences from Perth to:
+ 4 hours
Hong Kong
0 hours
0 hours
0 hours
- 8 hours
Los Angeles
- 18 hours
0 hours
New York
- 13 hours
- 7 hours
0 hours
0 hours
+ 1 hours

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(Joke ....Two blondes are in Australia, one says to the other - which is the furthest London or the moon, the other blonde replies - Hellooooo can you see London from here!)

16:Celebrate the Day - Whether the weather is: too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet, I just celebrate the day itself - Steve Parish Original Affirmations V3


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