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Bibbulmun Track Slide Show Instructions

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To assist in the viewing of these slides, I have gathered together all the events that have happened, while creating these groups of pictures. Variances can depend which Browser you are using. - I use Microsoft Internet Explorer. You also require a Broadband connection, the faster the better for the larger slide shows.

The slide shows should drop down a menu without prompting, displaying small "thumbnail" prints. If you click on the nine white dots in the square on the top instruction line - where it tells you how many images there are, you can toggle these pictures to disappear, allowing improved viewing space on a small screen.

The smaller the number of photos in the slide show, the faster they will initially load. Try "Groups" photo drop down heading, then pick a small number of pictures like "Scenery". On the bottom left hand corner of my Browser screen, I can see how many have yet to download, if I move my mouse to that corner or my large screen - in a count-down format. If you cannot obtain that information, another way is to see if all the different sections of the thumbnails have downloaded, is by clicking on the thumbnail dividers - usually they have some writing in them. If you click on the last or bottom divider, and the thumbnails have still to be populated, just wait a while or hit re-load. The "Group" photographs don't have dividers in the thumbnail drop-down, so you can watch them populate, then start playing with the controls when they have finished. Patience grasshopper!!

Once the slide show has loaded - be it huge or small - you can set the speed the slides appear with the slider bar at the top of the picture. The choices are from 2 seconds to 25 per picture. Initially I have set them in the program for around 10 to 15 seconds. Play around with this slide setting yourself.

Below you will see a description of what each button can change on the slide show.

  • Navigate (six dot button on far left). This either raises or lowers the details on the /Home / About US and the /Contact Information. See it once and you never need to see it again!

  • Hide Thumbs button (9 dot button second from the left). This either raises or lowers the side screen of thumbnail pictures. Useful if you are searching for just one picture only. If you pass your mouse pointer over any thumbnail, a description will appear should the picture be too small for identification. Also you can drag the frame with all the thumbnails, and move it to a different part of the screen. Remember you can click on a thumbnail picture, and just that one will come up on the main screen in pause mode.

  • The double arrow pointing left takes you back to the first slide at any time during the show.

  • The single arrow pointing left takes you to the previous slide

  • Important Button - The large circle in the middle can have an arrow pointing left when the slide show is paused. To PLAY the slides click it once, and it will change to two vertical lines. Click it again and it will pause. If the slide show is not operating, check this button has two vertical bars and NOT a right arrow - pause)

  • The single arrow pointing right takes you forward one slide at a time

  • The double arrow pointing right takes you to the last slide in the show.

  • The slide bar controls the speed of slide delivery. Your choice!

  • The numbers on the far right let you know how many slides you are seeing.

Play around with all the settings, as they are all set back to default when you leave.

If anything goes wrong hit re-load the screen. If you try to force the slide show to present, before all the thumbnails are showing, it can freeze up, with 9 flashing dashes in a centre line. In this case hit reload, giving the show time to completely reload, before playing with the controls again. Sometimes the flashing line appears, if the download is happening through a slow Internet connection. You know when the slides are loaded as they self-start. Let me know by email, if you are having any concerns. Sometimes it is a mistake that I have missed during alterations.

It does not matter how big the slide show is, as to it's speed of operation once it has downloaded. You can download 165 slides ( which takes a few minutes), and they will still run as fast as a small set of 11 slides. That is why I have left such a large set, so that you can wait until it is downloaded, then set it up for 3 or 5 second delivery, if you want to quickly scan through. You can always pause or go back, if you want to look at a picture for longer.

Each slide ranges from 800 x 800 pixels down to 600 x 600 pixels. All slides can be further increased in size by clicking once on the image. It helps if you already have a spare Browser window open for the enlarged picture to fill. If you want even more detail, click on the picture again, and see how quickly the server delivers a 2.5Mb picture. If you click it again it will reduce in size. Leave the spare browser window open, for the next enlargement.

Once it is enlarged, I hold down my central mouse wheel and lock the pointer, after clicking the screen for the second enlargement. An example would be under Goups, selecting Animals - Birds - Reptiles - Insects. After clicking on this drop down heading, I go straight into the slide picture of a Ring Neck Parrot. I click once and a second window opens on my Browser with the bird enlarged. My mouse pointer has a cross in the centre, when I go to this picture, so I click again for a close-up of the parrot's beak and eye. On holding down my mouse wheel (if you have one) I then get a four arrow circle appear, allowing me to release the wheel, and move the mouse about the screen with the enlargement staying in place. Otherwise I have to use my side scroll bars to achieve the same end result, of seeing the whole bird in very close detail. Click twice to get out. Play around with it and see what works for you.

None of these pictures have copyright on them, but Steve Parish in Perth would appreciate any recognition should they be used elsewhere. Enjoy - then get out and enjoy the Bibbulmun Track yourself!

New1: We only clean up particles of dust, because they remind us of where we have come from, and where we are going to! - Steve Parish Original Affirmation v4

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